Well, hello!

My name’s Kristan, and it’s safe to say that ‘About’ pages and Instagram bios are one of the small joys of my life. As you trawl through the blog or stalk me on social media (I don’t even mind), you’ll see me mention things like my imperishable love for puppies, chamomile tea, worship music, summer-time river swims, and my husband. And while this small collection of trivial yet truthful facts about me is pretty on the surface, let’s say we get into some of the gritty, too?

Public Spirit was borne from a desire to share stories and, at its core, is a platform for people to be known. When we give pieces of ourselves through sharing our experiences, we dispel any sense of loneliness and isolation, and what springs forth instead is a sense of “me too”. I firmly believe that a huge part of the reason we were created is to learn how to relate to one another, regardless of how messy or how hard being a person can be.

So maybe you relate to me because you, too, have a mental disorder that you struggle with. Perhaps, like me, you’re a woman who’s been through enough relational heartache to last you a lifetime, and you’ve got a bunch of insecurities and fears stemming from that. It’s also possible that you’re a young adult wondering how on earth you’re supposed to eat supper and purchase those amazing decor items from Mr Price Home.

“Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart.”
– William Wordsworth

See, vulnerability is scary. Apart from comic relief, the reason I added my ‘not so deep’ home-ware addiction to that list is because sharing the unpleasant parts of yourself is a million times harder than brushing realities off with a joke. (Don’t mention that to my husband though – he thinks he’s funnier than me.)

Here’s the thing though: vulnerability may be scary, but it’s so necessary.

Immersing yourself into a community of people who are as imperfect as you are may be where we find frustrations, pet peeves, arguments, hurt… But when you allow yourself to be vulnerable, it’s also where you find healing, comfort, wisdom… and most importantly, love.

That’s my heart for this blog. That I would be willing to spill all my unembellished beans, and inspire you to do the same. Because raw, deep, meaningful connection is so worth it.

Even over the internet.